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Alisha Witty’s NASA-Inspired Approach to Analytics

An BI and Analytics professional with more than 18 years of experience, Alisha Witty is the global director of business intelligence and enterprise architecture for Domtar Corporation. Alisha Witty is currently featured in Sync magazine by David Baez.

When your first gig out of college is to help make sure that missions into space go off without a hitch—just as a young, starstruck Alisha Witty was tasked with while at NASA—you’re ready for pretty much anything that may come afterward.

As a former analyst and engineer with the space association, Witty tested the space shuttle system code for several years before moving into operations, where she worked on the simulator that trains astronauts prior to missions.

As one might imagine, in such an important and perilous enterprise, there is no room for mistakes. NASA has a “zero-defect” culture with the most rigorous quality assurance imaginable—in data and every other area—with sundry internal and externa…

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